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Our focus and expertise in DFIR (Digital Forensic & Incident Response) allows us to offer a wide range of solutions for our clients with an unrivaled level of specialization. We tailor our DFIR service experience to the requirements of each project and its particular needs. At One eSecurity we do not favor a particular software or type of solution. Each situation demands a unique response built around the individual needs of our client.

Emergency Incident Response

One eSecurity Emergency Incident Response is aimed at clients who need agile response and support when a security incident occurs.

Our Incident Response Team will analyze your systems and networks (servers, endpoints, core applications, databases and other electronic assets) in order to determine what events have occurred during a cybersecurity incident. Whatever type of cyber incident your organization encounters (malware, data leakage, data theft, data tampering, phishing, scams, ransomware, insider threats, or any other), our expert staff will analyze the case, investigate the evidence and elaborate a forensic report, drawing up the conclusions and the appropriate recommendations, so you are better protected and ready for the future.

One eSecurity’s Emergency Incident Response service provides our clients with a coordinated and structured approach, to go from the first response to the resolution of an incident. Our service includes rapid reaction measures and containment techniques, to minimize disruption and damage to the business, with the objective to recover activities as soon as possible. To understand the root cause and the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) used by the adversaries, One eSecurity team will produce a post-incident digital forensic investigation report.

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Digital Forensic Incident Response

One eSecurity Digital Forensics service is focused on system in-depth analysis aiming at obtaining a traceable record of previous activity in order to answer any investigative questions.

Our service provides its clients with a methodological forensic investigation approach, based on procedures and techniques that help identify, gather, preserve, extract, interpret, analyze, document and present evidence from computing equipment, whereby any evidence discovered is admissible during a legal and/or administrative process.

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Threat Hunting

Our Threat Hunting service combines the analytic capacity of our greatest experts, with the power and automation of our Hunting Framework, offering a continuous and proactive threat search process in both networks and systems.

The latest advances in cyber intelligence have identified the existence of common factors in the techniques and processes used by malicious actors launching new APTs. Our Threat Hunting service will allow you to detect early on this type of threats.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

The Cyber Threat Intelligence service by One eSecurity provides our clients with an understanding of key threats and forecasts of risk situations on IT systems and networks, so that this knowledge can be used in decision-making.

The analysis and management of cyber threats represents a further step towards a company’s proactive defense of their systems and networks with the aim of being a step ahead of the attackers.

We adapt, facilitate, and adjust the intelligence to the organization on three levels (Strategic, Operational and Tactical) maximizing the value to, and impact on, your organization.

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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Applied Services (DS4N6)

DS4N6 stands for Data Science Forensics and refers to Data Science (DS), including Artificial Intelligence (AI), applied to the whole Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) discipline.

For the last few months, a group of experts from One eSecurity, ranging from Forensic Analysts and Data Scientists to Python Developers, have worked in a project to integrate Data Science and Artificial Intelligence into DFIR, with remarkable results.

One eSecurity's DS4N6 service provides our customers with the expertise and know-how to apply Data Science and Artificial Intelligence techniques to the field of Digital Forensics, Incident Response and Threat Hunting.

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SKY As A Service

SKaaS provides our clients with advanced digital Remote Investigation & Forensic Capabilities for their Companies and their Computer Incident Response Teams (CIRTs).

SKaaS is a tool that provides a quick and effective response through our online platform. The service allows us to respond to those forensic problems most demanded in our client’s business and thus reduce the cost and time of the investigations they have to carry out. Our service combines the experience of more than 20 years in the cybersecurity sector participating in complex investigations, our SKY DFIR system, and the expertise of our forensic analysts.

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Cyber Consulting

We are experts in finding solutions to difficult problems, combined with unrivaled technology execution capability, needed to respond to the ever-changing cyber threat and data privacy landscape.

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Cyber Exercises

Cyber Exercises are an excellent tool for raising awareness, preparing, and training organizations and teams in cybersecurity.

Recommended by various frameworks and standards (NIST, ISO, etc.) as one of the most effective way to identify gaps and improve incident readiness in companies.

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Talent Management

Do you have the best possible technical team? Do you want to evaluate your technical team in depth? How does your candidate handle a real incident?

Our team is made up of experienced professionals in the fields of cybersecurity and HR. Together, we evaluate the technical capabilities of cyber teams, as well as the soft skills that they must acquire to work on an incident. Our specialized service consists of an exhaustive consultancy on the recruitment process of the most complex profiles, design of customized technical challenges and complete assessment of candidates.

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Cyber Insurance

Solutions for insurance companies against cyber threats - improving your loss ratio.

Incident Response and Forensic Investigation services applied to cyber incidents covered by cyber insurance policies. Acting as experts on behalf of the insurance company and/or the policyholder.

Cybersecurity protects your balance, insurance protects your income statement, which choice should you make?

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One eSecurity CERT/CSIRT services is aimed at clients who need to setup a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CERT/CSIRT) or improve their current CERT/CSIRT capabilities.

Our team, highly qualified and experienced working on CERT/CSIRT and well connected to their communities around the world, will guide your organization through the entire CERT/CSIRT establishment or improvement process to help you build a Computer Security Incident Response Team that covers your organization‘s needs and requirements.

Based on internationally recognized CSIRT good practices, One eSecurity will guide you through CERT/CSIRT strategic model definition, covering mission, vision, regulatory framework, build organizational structures and the definition of appropriate services including roles and responsibilities. We can assist you to select the right people, provide necessary training, define and implement required information technologies and equipment, create or improve operational procedures and establish national and internal partnerships.

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