Our focus and expertise in DFIR (Digital Forensic & Incident Response) allows us to offer a wide range of solutions for our clients with an unrivalled level of specialisation. We tailor our DFIR service experience to the requirements of each project and your individual needs. At One eSecurity we do not favour a particular software or type of solution. Each situation demands a unique response built around the individual needs of our client.

DFIR Digital Forensics & Incident Response

We offer DFIR professional services worldwide, 24x7, every day of the year. We develop tools and processes to deal with the ever-evolving threats that you face. Our team delivers the necessary global capabilities required for the most effective incident response, undertaking digital investigations in many different technological environments and countries.

DFIR Consulting Projects

Giving you honest answers to the most complex questions and acting as a guide throughout decision-making processes, we are here to help you build, grow and mature your DFIR capabilities, applying the experience that is at the core of our business. We are experts in finding solutions to difficult problems combined with the vital technological execution capabilities needed to respond to the ever-changing cyber threat and data privacy landscape.

Forensics as a Service

Whether you choose to leave your digital and forensic investigations entirely in our hands, or if you need only occasional help with small daily tasks, we work to be your trusted forensic partner. With our investigation framework, SKY, we are able to deliver the full cyber incident management process enabling you to reduce both time invested and financial costs. You remain in control, selecting the type of deployment that you need when you need it: Hosted, On-Site or Cloud.

Our team is available 24x7, to support wherever and whenever you require, with core tasks such as analysis of hard disks, memories, logs, network traffic, malware and other forensic investigations.

Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting Services

We offer reactive and proactive Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting services to search for threats that might not be detected by existing security solutions.

Our team has over 10 years experience in real-world incidents with key threat actors where Threat Intelligence processes and Threat Hunting activities have been crucial. This is not only for incident containment, investigation and remediation, but also in anticipating and detecting future incidents.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance and cyber security are the two key components an organisational needs for an effective cyber risk management process.

We provide the vital ‘trusted partner’ link between your business and the insurance company, handling important issues at a digital forensics level and beyond.