Senior Developer Profile

Senior Product Developer

After your long experience working in several companies and being part of many different teams you have a strong background about how to develop a product from scratch for many different purposes and environments. You are an avid guy understanding what the functional requirements are and making that magic happen to transform them into a real application. You know that the world is constantly changing, nowadays development needs a tight integration with the infrastructure to change at high-speed and have the most cutting-edge features, this is why you deeply follow how the systems ecosystem is evolving (virtualization/cloud stacks, integration frameworks, big data processing/storage suites...).

You are a restless mind, you are pragmatic but perfectionist, always trying to make your code better, always delivering features to the higher limit to make your customers open their mouths. Sometimes this is not enough, you need new challenges to open your world and make your heart pump at higher rates again.

We would like to offer you something different.

What would you say if we tell you that your work will make our world a safer place? Yes, it will because many cybersecurity professionals would use your tools to investigate and chase cybercrimininals smarter and faster.

One eSecurity is a cutting-edge Incident Response & Digital Forensics company helping large international public and private organizations that are being heavily threatened, suffering as victims of cybercrimes. They need us to investigate deep security breaches, they trust us to help them to avoid it to happen again. We are not like an army, but an Special Operations team with a high-level of specialization and a very targeted one. We are nonconformist people, we do not expect third-party tools to provide the value. We are not afraid of analyzing dozens of hundreds of systems, dealing with terabytes of logs, stored data or network traffic. We use our talent and we develop our tools to take advantage of the rest and to obtain a bigger and faster impact. Would you dare to help us to create new tools to take digital investigation to the next level?

Why would you want to work for us?

You will have the flexibility to develop what other big companies can't offer you in exchange of your initiative, hard-working and commitment. We offer you a good atmosphere, a very integrated and friendly team. Your colleagues will help you to grow-up and they expect you to invest your time in making us better and stronger. For this position the office will be located in Málaga. We do not work in a single office, we are distributed, we even encourage you to work patially remotely from home, unpayable flexibility of being close to your beloved ones. ONE believes in networking and trainings, so we invest on that for you several times a year. What about money? It is not important right? Yes, it is. You will have a good salary according to your work and impact in our journey.

If you are excited about it... What do you need to work at One eSecurity?

We are looking for nice people, disciplined team-workers, white hat ethical professionals, with high interpersonal skills. We are international, so fluent written & spoken English is a must, Spanish is strongly desired but not required; and as many other languages you speak (French, German, Arabic...) are more than welcomed. University and other Master degrees are valuable but not required, we know restless minds do not always follow the same path. We are expecting you to have more than 5 years of intense experience in the field. Let us know which are the open/commercial tools or frameworks you are able to use proficiently. We would love to see your work and publications in conferences, forums, blogs or just in your twitter account timeline.

Still excited about it? We would love to hear from you. Please send your resumes to

This page describes the desired profile for the candidates. All items are desired requisites except where required is specified. Salary and benefits will depend on the profile of each candidate.

Professional Experience:

  • 5+ years Professional Experience
  • Product Engineering / Senior Development (required)
  • System / Network Administrator Experience

Formal Qualifications:

  • University degree (desirable but not required)
  • Computer Science / Telecommunications Engineering / Industrial Engineering
  • Master / PhD Additional Qualifications


  • Spanish Fluent (written & spoken) (strongly desired but not required)
  • English Fluent (written & spoken) (required)
  • Other languages (French, German, Dutch, Arabic, etc.)

Training & Certifications:

  • Agile Development, SCRUM
  • Security Development

Programming and data analytic skills:

  • Front-end: Ruby on Rails Scripting: Unix shell scripting, bash (required), perl, python, ruby, Powershell, etc.
  • Formal Programming Languages: C, C++, Java...
  • Experience in backend programming
  • Machine learning frameworks

DevOps Technologies:

  • Development Infrastructure: code repositories, continuous integration tools, project management ...
  • Systems/Network cloud/virtualization technologies: VMWare/KVM, OpenStack/OpenNebula, SDN/NFV suites, Docker containers...
  • BigData technologies: Elasticsearch, Hadoop...
  • Operating Systems mastery: Windows Server, Linux Ubuntu, FreeBSD...
  • Integration frameworks: Puppet, Chef, Ansible...
  • Storage and filesystem technologies: ZFS, HDFS...

Other requirements

  • Immediate incorporation