One eSecurity Reaction Services

The Fourth and Last Step in the eSecurity Roadmap is Reaction. Incidents happen all the time in most organizations and many don't even notice: Malware Infections, System Break-Ins, Unauthorized Access, Corporate Policy Violations, Compromise of Confidential Data, Corporate Espionage, Intellectual Property Theft, etc.

The difference of being able to stop them before they cause real damage is a question of readiness. We can help you Design and Deploy an internal Incident Response Capability, and our Forensics Division can assist you in case an Incident has already happened.

One eSecurity provides Corporations and Law Firms with services such us:

   *  Incident Response  *  Computer Forensics 
   *  Malware Analysis  *  Digital Investigations 
   *  Litigation Support  *  Expert Witness 

See our Forensics Services.