Incident Response - Digital Investigations - Computer Forensics - eDiscovery

Our wide range of Forensic Services is designed for all types of customers: from those who need help with a malicious event or have lost data, to those who already have a Forensic team and require expert advice or tools.

We provide services to Law Enforcement, Corporate customers and Law Firms in areas such us:

Incident Response & Digital Investigations

Contact us if something happens in your organization. We will help you respond to it and determine the Who, What, When, Why and How.

Forensic Laboratories

Contact us if you decide to create your internal Forensic Laboratory. We will design it and build it specifically for you, and we will teach you how to use it (‘’see our Forensics In-A-Box Product’’).

Malware & APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) Analysis

Contact us if you suspect you are suffering a Malicious Software infection. We will analyse your systems and networks to detect if your organization has been infiltrated with sophisticated malware.

Forensic Consulting

Contact us if you need help in your investigation. Our experts can solve those really difficult questions, develop tailored tools, deconstruct artifacts, etc.

Data Recovery

Contact us if you have lost your data (files, emails, databases, etc). In most cases we will be able to recover your business critical data after an accidental or malicious event has destroyed it.


Contact us if you need to perform an eDiscovery process in your organization. We will find out who was exchanging emails and documents with whom, if someone leaked confidential information, etc.

Litigation Support

Contact us if you are under a Litigation Support process. We will help you find the right evidence to support your legal team in the Litigation process.

Expert Witness

Contact us if your case ends up in Court. Our forensic experts will provide an impartial expert witness testimony about the evidence provided.

Pink Room™

Contact us if you need help and guidance in your investigation. Specifically designed for Lawyers, our Pink Room service will speed up your investigation and obtain quality evidence by letting you interact with the process.