One eSecurity Services - Security Assessment

Security Assessment

The First Step in order to secure your organization is to Assess your current Security Measures. We can help you identify your most critical Assets and the most dangerous Threats they face by means of:

   *  Security Architecture Review  *  Vulnerability Assessments 
   *  Risk Assessment  *  Penetration Test 

We will show you how you compare with the rest of the industry, and where you should put your efforts and your investment to efficiently improve your status.

Our Governance & Compliance Division will assist you aligning security requirements with business objectives through a risk-driven approach that will result in a more effective use of security technologies. Our GRC services provide Guidance in defining enterprise-wide security in accordance with standards, laws and business requirements such as:

   *  ISO 27001  *  SOX  *  Basel II  *  ISO 20000 (ITIL) 
   *  COBIT  *  BS 25599 (BCP)  *  PCI  *  Data Protection 

Additionally, our security engineers can assist you designing and implementing an effective security framework, including the automation, aggregation, analysis and reporting of IT security controls. One eSecurity approach to GRC services is unique in that we can tell you What To Do and, more interestingly, based on our deep technical knowledge and business experience we can also tell you How To Do It.