One eSecurity Services

Assessment >>

We can assess your current security measures through:

   *  Security Architecture Review  *  Security Assessment  *  Vulnerability Assessment 
   *  Risk Assessment  *  Penetration Test  *  Governance & Compliance 
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Protection >>

We can help you improve your security by means of:

   *  Security Architecture (Re-)Design  *  Network Security Technologies 
   *  OS Security & Hardening  *  Ad-hoc Security Solutions 
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Detection >>

We can help you gain full visibility of what is happening in your network through:

   *  Network Security Monitoring  *  Intrusion Detection Systems 
   *  Security Information/Event Management (SIEM)  *  Honeypots & Honeynets 
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Reaction >>

We provide Corporations, Law Enforcement and Law Firms with Digital Investigation & Computer Forensics Services such as:

   *  Incident Response  *  Computer Forensics 
   *  Malware Analysis  *  Digital Investigations 
   *  Litigation Support  *  Expert Witness 
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Training >>

One eSecurity can help you cover your Security Training needs through the SANS Institute training programs.

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