About One eSecurity

Our Company

One eSecurity is a vendor-neutral company specialized in providing High Quality Security Services to Large Organizations in the Financial, Corporate, Government, Law, Telecommunications and Aerospace sectors.

One eSecurity operates in Europe, the Middle East, the United States and Latin America, offering services such as: Governance & Compliance, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Tests, Security Architecture Design & Review, Wireless Security, Incident Response & Forensics and Digital Investigations.

One eSecurity is characterized by its Team of Top Specialists in Information Security, many of them internationally recognized experts in the field, who combine their in-depth technical knowledge with their long experience and understanding of the business needs of large organizations to deliver the most appropriate solutions.

Our Vision: One-Way Trip to eSecurity

Dear friend,

At One eSecurity we envision Security as a One-Way Trip that will go on and on for as long as your business is alive. However, in order to stay safe you must make some necessary stops along the way:

  • Assessment: First you must identify where you are, the Threats you are facing, and where you should be heading to.
  • Protection: Then you should define an appropriate combination of protection strategies, technologies and processes that take into account the uniqueness of your company, and develop a realistic implementation plan.
  • Detection: At this point you should deploy and fine-tune the necessary Detection mechanisms to be able to detect in a timely manner when your defenses have failed.
  • Reaction: And last you should create an Incident Response Capability so you can stop incidents before they cause irreversible damage.

At One eSecurity we believe that in order to be able to help you along that Trip we need to have a combination of highly technical skills, broad experience and deep understanding of the business needs of the different organizations. We are proud to have a Team of Highly-Qualified Security Professionals, many of them internationally recognized experts in their fields, that fulfill those requisites.

So if you feel you need guidance or specialized technical support, please let us know. We can tell you What To Do, How To Do It, and Do It For You if you need it. That's what makes us unique.

Let us Guide you on that Trip.


Jess Garcia